Property management

We offer comprehensive services connected with the property management. Our team has a long-term experience in managing commercial properties (with historic real estates) about the exceeding usable area of 5,000 square meters. We specialize in the professional management services for retail and office spaces. Moreover we specialize in the commercialization of historic real estates of, starting from purchasing them, raising the value, and their comprehensive property management.

Property management (housing properties to lease)

We also offer our clients (owners of housing properties) the services associated with the housing property management (luxury apartments, flats, houses for rent): we develop carefully relationships with tenants, we provide the monitoring of rents and other payments, we are caring about the technical condition of the property as well as we are keeping the technical necessary documentation.

Real estate agency

For our clients we provide services in the real estate trading. We are mediating at the purchase/sales of historic buildings located by high streets, retail spaces, investment plots.

Other services

  1. construction-repair services,
  2. real estate maintenance services,
  3. architectural design services,
  4. interior decoration services,
  5. geodetic services,
  6. garden, architecture services,
  7. cleaning real estate services